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05 July 2012 @ 10:13 pm
Starting from July 12,2012 rosevic87 and I are going to be on indefinite hiatus from uploading and posting shows in this community.

There are various reasons why we came to this decision (like being busy w/ real life), but the main reason is THIS (thanks to Rosa for the link to the vid). We don't know for sure if this applies for Japanese TV shows, but after a bunch of MF accounts being suspended (including ours), I think it's better for us to lay low for a while.

We would definitely like to come back and start posting shows again sometime but for now, this is our final decision and I hope you guys can understand.

Just a few notes: 
  • We will still be accepting new members
  • You can still request for dead links on THIS post, as long as it's before July 12,2012. After that day, I will no longer be uploading any shows
  • We still need help in uploading some mirrors for Arashi shows HERE so if you have them, please help us out
  • I'll still be updating the ratings post regularly so make sure to check that out

Lasty, if we do come back, it'd be great to have more encoders (non-Arashi shows) so if you are interested feel free to PM me.
You must:
  • have good internet connection
  • be able to go online at least 4-5 times a week
If you know how to work clubbox, torrents, and encoders (like avidemux, format factory, ffmpeg, etc) that would be awesome! But it's not required, I can teach and train you if are not familiar w/ them.

Again, I hope you guys can understand our decision~
Thank you so so much for supporting this community.
10 September 2012 @ 05:59 pm
Hi all! Still on uploading hiatus (don't think I'll be back anytime soon :P) but as promised, I'll still be doing ratings.
I made a new community just for them to make it easier to organize. It's a completely open community so feel fee to check it out HERE at shichouritsu
20 February 2012 @ 02:11 pm
All comments up to March 30, 2014 (PST) have been processed. If you left a comment to join and still did not get accepted, it means that you did not follow a step. Please review the steps and feel free to apply again~

We are only accepting Livejournal accounts. Accounts that are from Twitter, Facebook, etc. will not get an invitation.

Please note that we are currently on hiatus from posting new shows but membership is still open for those of you who want to see our old posts

How to Join:
1. Read and follow the rules below:
        These files should only be for your personal viewing so please:

  • DO NOT re-post/ re-upload/ stream/ hotlink/ link outside of the community

  • DO NOT claim the files as your own. If you want to use the videos for subs, either credit the original source or "MKF". Please refrain from mentioning our full name, or linking to the community, just "MKF" is fine.

2. Comment on this entry and give us your word that you will follow the rules above. In order to make sure that you have properly read the rules, please state IN YOUR OWN WORDS WHAT THE RULES ARE. Simply saying, "I will follow the rules" or a phrase similar to that WILL NOT get you an invitation. Actually STATE THE RULES IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

3. Click "Join this community". Click on the "Join this community" link on the top of the page and wait for an acceptance.

For questions and information about this community, please refer to the FAQ entry HERE
20 February 2012 @ 02:07 pm
Mods: mi-chan176, rosevic87
Encoders: mi-chan176, rosevic87
Former Encoders (thank you so much!): kathy_paco, kouta_yanagi

What is this community about anyway?
MKFILES is a RAW file sharing community for Johnny's TV Shows. HERE is a list of what we are planning on posting (You can request shows there). Also if you need help in finding old posts, THIS INDEX should help you.

I tried to apply but how come I didn't get accepted?
That's probably because:
1. You did not follow one or more steps. Feel free to comment and try again.
2. You commented on the wrong entry. Make sure that you leave a comment on the HOW TO JOIN entry, NOT HERE. Also, please refrain from going to our personal journals to ask for membership. All the information can be found on the HOW TO JOIN entry.

Why do you only upload on MF?
MF seems to be the the most stable file sharing site for us. If you'd like to help and upload mirrors, let us know ^.^

How do I join split files?
Links that are written like this: 001 002 003, means that you will need to join them. This can be done with HJ Split (for Windows) or Split&Contact (for Mac OS X).

How do I open rar files?
Some of our files are compressed to rar so you would need to extract them using Winrar (For Windows) or Zipeg (For Mac OS X). If you see links that look like this: Part1 Part2 Part3, only extract Part1 and Winrar/Zipeg will automatically join the files for you.

How do I change ".xyz" to ".mp4"?

  • If it's a split file: After downloading and joining the files using HJ Split or Split&Contact, replace the .xyz to .mp4 (right click the file > rename > change .xyz to .mp4)

  • If it's not a split file: just replace the .xyz to .mp4 after downloading (right click the file > rename > change .xyz to .mp4)

Why did you make it .xyz/ Why do you compress the files into a rar file?
For security purposes.

"The link doesn't work...."
It's probably because:
1.) We either put the wrong link or they were deleted. (If this is the case, please inform us by commenting on the entry that has the broken links)
2.) MF is having some issues. If this is the case, just keep trying....or wait....then try again ^.^v

Can I use the files in this community for my subs?
Yes of course!, but please either credit the original source or "MKF". The original source for each video is stated on the entry itself (it either says "Credit:*insert source here*" or "Original Source: *insert source here*". If you do not see a source, just credit "MKF". Please refrain from mentioning the community's full name or linking to us.

Will you be providing HQ for all your posts?
Yes. At least that's what we plan on doing. It will depend on the person encoding the files if HQs and MQs will be released at the same time. There might be some instances where an HQ is released first and will be updated with the MQ version later or vice versa. There might also be times where we cannot find and HQ version for a file, so we will post the best version we can find (it will be stated in the entry itself)

Here are our ideal resolutions :

  • HQ: (1280x720) <--- may change depending on the post, but generally, this is what the resolution will be

  • MQ: (704X396)

Have any more questions? Leave a comment here =D